Autism Garden


Responsibility: design & construction

Complete Year: 2017

Project Location: Isfahan, Iran

Site Area: 4000sqm

Gross Built Area:700sqm

Structural Engineering: Mr Mohseni

Mechanical Engineering: Iman Emami

Electrical Engineering: Yavar Sadeghkish

Photographer: farshid nasrabadi

This building was designed while the demands of the clients were very diverse and extensive. So that It was not possible to design a building with a specific performance or function. We were also assured that these demands were constantly changing over time. Therefore, we had to find a solution that would be flexible enough to respond to different functions. To do so, we tried to extract the common features between the current and possible future desired performances and design the building based on them.

Ultimately, the need for the main large spaces to carry out community activities, meetings, training courses, inviting benevolent people, and other officials and smaller spaces to support such functions as the bathroom, the kitchen, the management rooms, the consultant rooms and the warehouse. The connection space included stairs and elevators and the connection path was formed as the interface between them.

Thus, based on the purpose of users each of the smaller spaces with any large space can be integrated to meet their needs. In the next step, we tried to maximize the integrity of the form with function and the three small, large and intermediate main zones displays in the overall form of the building. Further efforts were made to maximize the integrity of the project form and structure and avoid any excessive element and we tried to use and retain original structural material such as concrete wall as interior and exterior façade. We believe in maximum originality in using material in our design so in this building we tried to avoid covering our original materials with elements that have no function except covering original structural and dividing walls as aesthetical purpose.

2014, Brick, Built, Healthcare, Isfahan


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