Gerdoo Garden Villa


Hajmsabz Responsibility: design

Project Location: Isfahan, Iran

Site Area: 3830sqm   Gross Built Area:  250 sqm

This villa was designed in a lush walnut garden in Isfahan. The trees settlement and the strategy to keep all of them led the construction to the part of the garden with lower density. Also walnut tall trees led to a treelike structure as the form of the villa. This structure has the lowest amount of footprint. During the design process the trunks were interpreted to the brick boxes which held the branches, as the main living spaces.  This heavy, brick structure could carry the body of building. This suspended and fragmentary structure avoided any need to cut the precious trees and also brought the ability to move freely between them. Last but not least, the treelike structure released the ground to be used as a designed landscape.

2019, Isfahan, Residential & Villa, Under construction


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