Mardavij Apartment


Responsibility: design & construction

Complete Year: 2017

Project Location: Isfahan, Iran

Site Area: 340sqm     Gross Built Area:  1340sqm

Structural Engineering: Puya Tehrani, Reza Hami

Mechanical Engineering: Babak Salehpour

Electrical Engineering: Yavar Sadeghkish

Photographer:     Farshid Nasrabadi

The project designed at 2014, this apartment has designed for a family and each story supposed to occupied with each family member (further description is below)
We tried to design an apartment with brick (real and traditional treated brick) façade that each story has its own character but has integrity. Brick is a traditional building material in Isfahan and we keep in mind this tradition while creating our building façade. We keep this attitude also in designing land scape and yard wall.
Constriction was finished in 2017 and we hope that, this type of façade help our city to stay close to its ancient identity.

2014, Brick, Built, Isfahan, Residential & Villa


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