Royan research lab


Responsibility: design and supervisor

Project location: Khorasgan, Isfahan, Iran

Completion Year: 2012

Site Area:480sqm / Gross Built Area:  2600 sq m


Bio technology institute complex was designed and constructed according to the Rooyan institute’s demand. This complex included shelters for domestic animals, mouse library and the central institute built in the first phase with its landscape. The design strategy, based on the location and orientation of the complex and its difference with the desirable natural light, was to prepare gaps to recieve the natural light and also bring the pedestrian path to the central core of the complex. A grassy slope was designed in the building’s frontage, as the connection point with the landscape, to draw the natural light into underground level and also provide a pleasant place for employer’s break time. Following by this, the lobby was attached to the landscape with a bridge passed on top of the slope. Despite all problems and construction issues the designers tried to change the common perspective toward the building’s façade. Therefor the final façade was built after the thermal insulation embedding as a covering crust.


2010, Built, Commercial &Office, Isfahan


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