Zardanjan Villa


Responsibility: design & construction

Complete Year: 2012

Project Location: Isfahan, Iran

Site Area: 2400sqm     Gross Built Area:  700sqm

Photographer: farshid nasrabadi

Structural Engineering: Bardia Khaffaf

Mechanical Engineering:  Masoud Shirazi

Electrical Engineering: Yavar Sadeghkish

Photographer:     Farshid Nasrabadi

This project has been designed and implemented in a 2400 square meters garden in a villa complex near Isfahan. The project is based on two main factors shaping the plan, the first topography of the site and the second fullest view to the garden.
Difference between height of entrance and garden is the determining factor of location of the building in site and also in connecting the two parts. This height difference inspire us to design the pool in such a way that one side of in same level with the garden and it cannot been seen from the entrance.
Building extends out to the garden in order to obtain the maximum view to the garden. Because of the need to control the light and creation of possibility of different qualities even after the design, to control the light a concept based on transparency of light control elements and even elements of safety was created. The building in order to have an expanded view into the garden have moveable shadings and handrails made of glass.
Finally, after the plan found its shape and according to the concept of transparency and lightness, it was attempted to preserve this style with the use of materials and details including stairways and shadings made of metal and wood.

2008, Built, Isfahan, Residential & Villa


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