Abbas-abad Apartment


HAJMSABZ Responsibility: design & construction
Project Location: Isfahan, Iran
Site Area:455sqm /Gross Built Area:2000sqm

Abbasabad street is located in one of the most ancient restrict of Isfahan. This neighborhood has a unique atmosphere due to its 90 year old trees.

This project is sited between Abbasabad street from the north and a pedestrian way and a Niasarm creek from the south. This creek is one of the biggest creek in Isfahan which provides a very unique green view for the south and north apartments along the way.

Client wants a separate duplex house with a private yard and a separate entrance and three apartments with another entrance. The duplex main entrance has provided at the center. This entrance is a double height space and a focal point in Abbasabad street for the building.

We chose a symmetrical design for the space’s location, structure and brick façade. Our goal was to create an architecture in coordination with its traditional context. Bedrooms are located at the north side of the building so we have less opening in that façade and in contrast balconies are at the south side and maximum opening are provided for living room spaces at each floor.

2013, Brick, Built, Isfahan, Residential & Villa


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