Alghadir Residential Complex Competition


Responsibility: design

Project location: Qom, Iran

Year: 2014

Nowadays, the major problem everywhere in the world is the high rate of energy consumption. In Iran, building consume 37% of energy and residential buildings have the highest consumption. Regarding the density and height of these comlex, located in such a warm and dry climate with high-dose solar radiation, the main problem in energy consumption is walls that are exposed to the sun’s heat in summer. Controlling the amount of cooling  in summer and heating in winter is the main issue in the phase of generation of ideas which can be addressed by selecting the  right orientation and shape for the building.

due to the demands of employer for  building small residential units  with a maximum area of 120 square  meters; we have  designed 2-bedroom units, often smaller than the specified measurement. these units have  private, public & service zones. according to the restrictions & mechanical services, aggregation of service areas in the center, is the practical solution to minimize the  installation & services problems & integration of structures & facilities. a specific internal space  without any interference is the result of choosing such a system to shape the behavior within the residetial units.

other issue isthe lack of adequate open & semi opens spaces in high buildings, which the position of them creates an appropriate hierarchy of spaces. this hierarchy is between the range of public & private spaces that will create defensible spaces in residential complex. the lack of forming a hierarchy of semi-public & semi-private spaces in high buildings is an important problem. in high buildings public space suddenly runs into the private space which spoils desirable spatial experience for the viewer.

providing parking for 360 residential units on two floors & services  & facilities spaces in the core area to meet the facility requirements of the two basic residential blocks, are the technical solutions proposed to address issues of residential blocks facilities.

another challenge related to the site & climate is creating inner green space separated from outside because the landscape outside is nothing except for desert & industrial building. a continuous green space beginning on the last roof & stretched into the alleys, forms the within green space & a desirable view for northern blocks.

2014, Qom, Residential & Villa, Unbuilt


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