Sharif university entrance Competition


Responsibility: design

Project location: Tehran, Iran

Year: 2014

Due to the Sharif University entrance location in a prominent area between two wrathful works- aside tower & Tehran university entrance- try to keep the same architectural idea. This structure can complete main & central linear monumental works. University is a gathering place and in architecture bases the best geometry for this facility is a circle. Related to other university buildings & to respect Iranian common materials, bricks Kar-bandies has chosen.

Entrance is an area between inside & out-space like vestibule & it is an intermediary between public & semi-public space. So first concept extract Iranian vestibule. Kar-bandies include strips & arches which their intersection makes coverage as a roof. It’s a common way to execution arches in Iranian architectural & it’s a main symbol of it. Changing arches foundation & difference arch rise causes intended space creation. It makes different scenes in each view. Because of site conditions & adjacent, linear geometry is needed. So to define dominant direction, linear geometry is extracted from central one.

2014, Educational & cultural, Tehran, Unbuilt


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