Ghale-sarshir Villa


Responsibility: design & construction

Project Location: Isfahan, Iran

Site Area: 1156sqm/ Gross Built Area:  380sqm

The main point was to cope with the challenge of getting the garden’s pleasant view despite the inappropriate west light, especially in summer. While the desired natural light attains from south, garden’s orientation is west-east. Therefore, final shape had to be a balance between east-west and north-south orientation. The designed square has the south windows to attain appropriate light, and the west windows to get the pleasant view. As regards avoiding inappropriate light, west windows were located in the back layouts of the building and the front layouts were devoted to the sunshades and fountains and also was covered by wooden sunshades. Buildings structure formed based on the module 3 and attempts were made to have the spaces as a combination of this module. So different heights of these attached modules create different space qualities.

2015, Isfahan, Residential & Villa, Under construction


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