Saderat Bank


Responsibility: design

Year: 2010

Project Location: Gorgan, Golestan, Iran

Site Area: 1715sqm     Gross Built Area:  8600 sqm

The early demand was to separate the facilities in the way that bank had to be located in the first level and offices in the higher ones, so the first step was to persuade the client to see all parts and facilities as a unit complex which forms around the central void from the ground level to last level. Of course the necessary hierarchy was considered during the design process. Every space was attached to others by bridges located in the central void. In the other hand this core, with designed openings, works as an atrium which provides natural ventilation in the Gorgan’s hot and humid climate, especially in summers. Also this integration has helped the air natural movement in all parts of the building.

2010, Commercial &Office, Gorgan, Unbuilt


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